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Art That Matters
Programmed to give the NFT holder a sense of pride knowing that we support the enviroment.
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About Meta Frog

The Ethics behind MetaFrogs

Programmed to give the NFT holder a sense of pride knowing that we support the enviroment by providing ecological support for frogs in wildlife. Art with a purpose of helping frogs thrive in freshwater ponds. Making clean new ponds is one of the simplest and most effective ways to protect freshwater wildlife. Frogs are so vital for healthy ecosystems, we need to conserve them for positive impact.

Ponds can make a large impact on the big environmental issues that affect us all: climate change, flooding and pollution. All this, as well as being fantastic for frog wildlife!

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Our Team on Meta Frog Club
On The Great World
A project is only as amazing as its people, that’s why we teamed up with the best talent on the planet to create META FROG CLUB. Founded and managed by a diverse, and doxxed team, our artists and experts are specalists in NFTs, metaverse development , and CGI & render animations with exceptional abilities to create signature 3D Frog characters. We aim to bring value to the people by creating an interactive metaverse with next-gen technologies.
Here is a brief presentation of our key people:
Community Leader and Project Manager- An NFT enthusiast based out of Vancouver. He works with projects he is passionate about mostly wearing hat of community leader or advisor. He is committed to building organic community, planning out the project, and onboarding new members into the team efficiently and safely.
Dabbin Panda
Community Leader
Concept Artist has helped form the vision of MetaFrogs through his Artwork. The mastermind behind MetaFrogs art and design who constantly works on taking the MetaFrogs’ art to the next level.
Concept Artist
Merun is a web designer and developer specializing in custom design since 2015. He plans the framework and works with programming tools and databases to make the project function.
Fullstack & Web Developer
He is a 3D artist familiar with the NFT world. Capable of any Style, he is a master in his field. You can see his skills through MetaFrogs’ 3D design
3D Artist
Mantis is a blockchain and web3 developer. He specializes in smart contract development for NFTs. He has over 4 years of experience running large dev teams and building large code bases from scratch.
Blockchain Dev
We Work On Project Development Every Day

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Under Construction

Draw the Future

What the Frogs want matter so join and help us build the frogs’ future together. Your NFT grants you access to our holders’ private community where we draw the map for our project.

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Every Frog's identity is the combination of hand-drawn and one-of-a-kind algorithmic outputs, which is why each Frog is a rare, living, breathing work of 3D art, more than a simple NFT, we have designed a universe and a story that will immerse you in an extraordinary world of frogs.

The Frog club was created by a team of digital native: Digital Experts, Entrepreneurs, Blockchain experts and the maturity of our Artist’s techniques to define the scarcity level of our NFTs associated with our drops. We aim to to deliver a cutting-edge experience and making an extra-ordinary leap into the virtual world of Frogs.

Take your Frogs on a journey

Our project is not limited to a simple launch of a layered collection like many other collections. Totally the opposite, it goes beyond that, as we’re forging a community-driven path that integrates many decisive elements and components of the Metaverse.


Meta Frog Club Artworks

about project

Meta Frog Club Road Map

We show our love to our early supporters by rewarding them with a Unique Community Role. We’ll introduce the Meta Frog XP System for those who seek to climb the ranks to true Toad glory.
As our project continues to gain traction, we’ll deploy a range of Organic and Paid Growth Marketing Techniques to engage with and inspire more and more Frogs worldwide. Our Mass Adoption techniques connects us with several industry leaders in the space and secure important Partnerships & Collaborations with NFT Leaders.
Giveaways and role specified gifts along the way to show our love to our community!
The minting begins! TBA MetaFrogs will be released into the metaverse!
Coming soon!
Step 1
20% Donation- percentage of our minting profits will be given to X charity to support the endangered frog species in the ponds worldwide while we wait for the reveal!
Step 2
40% Community- We care about your investment. By buying the tokens listed on opensea for less than what metafrogs are worth, we will increase the floorprice to help lead the community. Bought NFTs will be given to our most loyal members as giveaways.
Step 3
60% Grow- second wave of marketing and conquering the NFT realm! Our community will only grow stronger from this point on.
Step 4
80% Loyalty- we know none of this would be possible without our community and we will be planning, Global Tours, Exclusive IRL parties with exclusive merch, and giveaways to give back to our community as a token of our appreciation!
Step 5
100% Future – With your help, we’ll decide where the future of metafrogs will be. Whether in a game decentraland or a growing community on sandbox, together we will navigate the future of the MetaFrogClub! Frogs are sure to fly to the moon…

Join us now, contribute to the incredible momentum of the MetaFrogClub project and play your part in shaking up the NFT World!